In An Emergency Be Seen. Save Time. Save A Life. Use The 911Switch

In an emergency – life, fire, home-invasion – 911Switch turns your home into a BEACON for First Responders. When an emergency occurs every second wasted trying to locate the correct location can be the difference between life and death. The 911Switch ensures that your house is easily and quickly identified by First Responders . When Seconds Count – 911 Switch Saves Minutes!


You Have





Help First Responders
Find You FAST

Seniors, Children Or For People Who Live Alone.

911 Switch is perfect for any home, especially one with seniors, children or for people who live alone. The 911 Switch system includes a light switch, key FOB and a (multi-user) APP. In an emergency – life, fire, home-invasion – when 911 is called from the 911 Switch home, the system automatically engages. 911 Switch can work alone or with a monitored system that might call or even stay on the line with the caller. Meanwhile, only the 911 Switch system turns the home into an unmistakable flashing BEACON for First Responders.

Extra Support For Caregivers

If you are a Caregiver – as a family member, friend or professional – 911 Switch provides you the reassurance that help is on the way, whether you are with your loved one or not! If an emergency call is made, the 911 Switch APP informs you and you can be assured that the BEACON is on for First Responders. Likewise, if you detect an emergency, like slurred words or complaints of pain, you can call 911 and engage the 911 Switch remotely. 911 Switch provides peace of mind to keep mom and dad at home as long as possible.

911 Switch is as simple as 1.2.3:

  1. Simple instructions and easy installation
  2. No monthly fees or need to be “monitored”
  3. 911 Switch engages the BEACON for First Responders when you do what you do naturally in an emergency – dial 911

911Switch: Helping First Responders Find You Faster