To Delete All Stored FOB’s From The Switch:

***** ALL PREVIOUSLY SAVED REMOTES WILL BE LOST, AND MUST BE ADDED AGAIN ***** while the RED indicator is still on from step a), press and hold the bottom
(OFF) paddle for ten seconds. The RED indicator will initially turn off and back on after 1 second. Continue holding the bottom (OFF) paddle until the indicator extinguishes. ALL FOB’s have now been deleted from the switches internal memory. If you don’t hold the lower paddle continuously for the 10 seconds, you must start over at step a). Once the FOB’s have been deleted, the switch automatically exits FOB delete mode. The 911switch will no longer respond to any activate signals until reprogrammed with valid addresses. Without any FOB’s programmed, the switch will still function just like an ordinary wall mounted switch. But can’t be used as an alert device.