911Switch Single 911Switch

911Switch Single 911Switch

911Switch APP Bundle 1 911Switch 1 Hub

911Switch APP bundle includes one 911Switch, remote fab, and 911Switch Hub. With the addition of the 911Switch Hub you can download our free IOS or Android APP to expand your 911Switch's features and capabilities. Once you've installed the app and paired it with the 911Switch and Hub you can activate 911Switch with our APP. Other key features include automatic Emergency Beacon activation when 911 is dialed, and the ability to alert up to five people from your contact list anytime 911Switch is activated.
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911Switch will replace any existing 120V exterior or interior light switch. The switch operates with an on / off like any normal light switch.
911Switch App Requires 911Switch Hub For App Enabled Features.

When activated and paired with the 911Switch and 911Switch Hub. 911Switch App offers the following functions:

  • Your paired 911Switch(es) can be activated by your smart phone via our free app.
  • When activated 911Switch app will send notifications to up to 5 people you select from your contact list.
  • When 911 is dialed the app automatically activates your 911Switch light switch beacon and sends a notification to up to 5 contacts added to your list.
  • 911Switch app can also be used to dial 911, activate your 911Switch(es), and send notifications to up to 5 contacts added in your contact list.

When an emergency occurs every second wasted trying to pin down the actual location of the emergency could be the difference between life and death. The 911Switch ensures that your house is easily and quickly identified by First Responders. 911Switch when installed as an exterior light can be activated either by the accompanying fab or after pairing a 911Switch Hub this 911Switch app. Turn your home’s existing exterior or interior lights into a flashing light “beacon” for first responders to instantly identify the location of the emergency.

*Wifi network and internet connection required for app functionality

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