It’s 3am. You Hear Glass Break And Footsteps. You Dial 911.
The Operator Says Turn On Your Lights – We Can’t Find You.

What Are You Going To Do?

In An Emergency Be Seen

In an emergency – life, fire, home-invasion – When you dial 911 from your app enabled smart phone – 911Switch turns your home’s attached exterior lighting into a FLASHING BEACON and our 911Switch App will notify up to seven people you designate from your contact list that you have dialed 911.

When an emergency occurs every second wasted trying to locate the correct location can be the difference between life and death. The 911Switch ensures that your house is easily and quickly identified by First Responders.

When Seconds Count – 911 Switch Saves Minutes!

Inventor Robert Stone

The Story Behind 911Switch

Meet Robert “Bob” Stone, inventor of 911Switch. As the old adage goes “necessity is the mother of invention,” so was the case with 911Switch. Bob and his wife were the victims of a late night home invasion. With the perpetrator inside their home Bob called 911 for help. The operator asked Bob to turn on his outdoor lights so the first responders could locate his house. Something so simple, flipping a switch had literally become a matter of life and death. Watch the video to hear Bob’s terrifying experience and how 911Switch was born.

How Does 911Switch Work?

911Switch Emergency Flashing Light Switch


The light switch that turns any connected lighting into a flashing emergency beacon 911Switch. This is a 120 volt UA certified single pole light switch with optional neutral wire. The switch remotely operates with the included FOB. Once paired with the 911Switch HUB you can use your IOS or Android smart phone to download our free 911Switch app to take advantage of all the features 911Switch provides.

911Switch FOB

Once you have successfully paired Our remote FOB to your installed 911Switch you are ready for operation. Simply press the button on the FOB and the lights connected to your 911Switch will start flashing in an S.O.S pattern literally making your home a flashing emergency light beacon. The FOB will operate a paired 911Switch without any internet or the 911Switch HUB. This provides anyone without a smart phone to operate the switch with the press of a button and instantly turn their home into a flashing emergency beacon of light.

911Switch Hub

911Switch HUB is a wifi enabled receiver that allows the 911Switch App to operate the 911Switch. The 911Switch HUB requires a 120 volt electrical outlet and internet LAN internet connection. We recommend placing the 911Switch HUB in a central and open space to get the maximum operating range, which is approximately X feet. This allows you the freedom of access to all of the features the 911Switch App has to offer from in and around your home as well as your yard.

How Does 911Switch App Work?

Our 911Switch App is where the 911Switch really shines. So how does it work? For both iOS and android our app works the same. In an emergency you tap the app to open. In an emergency you simply open the app and tap “Dial 911.” Your smartphone will then place a call to 911 and automatically switch on the “Emergency Flashing Mode” which will flash your lights in an SOS pattern making it far easier for first responders to pinpoint your location.

The other extremely useful feature of the app is that you can choose up to 5 contacts as emergency contacts in the app. In addition to the flashing emergency beacon the app will also send a text message to the contacts you’ve selected. This text message will indicate to them that 911 has been dialed. No phone chains to worry about, everyone gets the notice as soon as the app dials 911.

Extra Support For Caregivers

If you are a Caregiver – as a family member, friend or professional – 911 Switch provides you the reassurance that help is on the way, whether you are with your loved one or not! If an emergency call is made, the 911 Switch APP informs you and you can be assured that the BEACON is on for First Responders. Likewise, if you detect an emergency, like slurred words or complaints of pain, you can call 911 and engage the 911 Switch remotely. 911 Switch provides peace of mind to keep mom and dad at home as long as possible.

Seniors, Children Or For People Who Live Alone

911 Switch is perfect for any home, especially one with seniors, children or for people who live alone. The 911 Switch system includes a light switch, key FOB and a (multi-user) APP. In an emergency – life, fire, home-invasion – when 911 is called from the 911 Switch home, the system automatically engages. 911 Switch can work alone or with a monitored system that might call or even stay on the line with the caller. Meanwhile, only the 911 Switch system turns the home into an unmistakable flashing BEACON for First Responders.

Be Seen

Save Time

Save A Life

What Is The 911Switch?

A remote controlled (key fob) light switch that operates just like any normal on/off light switch, but when activated by remote (key fob) will flash the connected light fixture on and off in an S.O.S. pattern. 911Switch APP bundle includes one 911Switch, remote fob, and 911Switch Hub. With the addition of the 911Switch Hub you can download our free IOS or Android APP to expand your 911Switch’s features and capabilities. Once you’ve installed the app and paired it with the 911Switch and Hub you can activate 911Switch with our APP. Other key features include automatic Emergency Beacon activation when 911 is dialed, and the ability to alert up to five people from your contact list anytime 911Switch is activated.