How Does 911Switch Work?

911Switch can be operated in one of three different ways: Standard Switch Mode on/off, Emergency Blinking Mode, and App Enabled Emergency Blinking mode. If you are looking for installation instructions or 911Switch setup instructions please click here.

Standard Switch Mode On / Off
911Switch operates as any traditional on / off light switch at the switch itself. On whatever load your 911Switch(s) are installed it will operate like any on / off switch. It will look and function just like any on / off switch should.

FOB Activation – Emergency Flashing Mode
911Switch’s Emergency Flashing Mode will only be activated when a paired, included FOB button is depressed. Once the paired FOB button has been pressed, the load ( typically an exterior lighting fixture or any fixture or outlet the switch’s load is installed on ) will immediately activate the 911Switch Emergency Flashing Mode. Emergency Flashing Mode will continue until the “off” button is tapped on the switch itself.

APP Enabled Activation – Emergency Flashing Mode
For those with the 911Switch APP enabled bundle ( 911Switch Hub + Wifi Required ) Emergency Flashing Mode is activated in one of two ways. The Emergency Flashing Mode can be activated on paired 911Switch(s) – 911Switch Setup Instructions – by opening the 911Switch App on your Android or IOS device and pushing the “Activate” button. This method is near identical to the FOB activation, it is just simply using your smart phone’s 911Switch App instead of the FOB.

Finally the most intuitive feature of the 911Switch App is that once properly setup and paired to the 911Switch Hub and 911Switch the Emergency Flashing Mode will activate whenever 911 is dialed from that smart phone. Simply dialing 911 from a properly setup and paired app enabled device will activate the Emergency Flashing Mode. This way you can focus on the emergency while the first responders focus on your flashing emergency light beacon.


What Is 911Switch?

  • Replaces your existing light switches to either flash, for exterior lights for easy identification for First Responders or, interior light switches to come on when activated into a non-flashing mode to get around home
  • For use with incandescent lamps (no neutral wire needed for installation) or CFL’s or LED lamps (neutral wire needed) – Rated 600 watts max for incandescent, 300 watts max for CFL’s or LED’s
  • Single pole or use in 3-way applications, (See wiring configuration in instructions) – Still provides everyday on/off function
  • In case of an emergency where first responders are called, either with FOB or App, activates the switch to turn the lights on in a flashing mode for easy identification for First Respnders or other installed switches to turn on in a non-flashing mode
  • Once deactivated, lights return to their original position, on or off
  • FOB or App can activate our 911 Switch from anywhere in the home, multiple FOB’s can be used to control one switch
  • 1 FOB can control up to 10 switches, numerous FOB’s can be used.
  • The App can be used in any “Smart Device” but needs the 911 HUB for this option
  • 911 HUB needed to allow App to function and allows for any 3rd party to tie into their security system so when their system alarms, our switch/switches activate as well
  • If power is interrupted, the 911 Switch remembers what position it was in when power is restored. No reprogramming needed.
  • App can store up to three additional remote addresses, family members have a switch at their home, you can be alerted when they activate their switch, or you can activate their switch for them.
  • Switch is UL approved
  • HUB is FCC approved