911Switch Installation & Setup Instructions

Never attempt any electrical work on your own. Always use a properly licensed electrician!


Electricity is dangerous and should not be considered a hobby. Do not attempt to install this switch if you are not a licensed electrician. You will find contained in the 911Switch box: One 911Switch with 5 wires ( Single Pole or 3-way Installation ) black – common / line, red – load / control, white – neutral, green – ground, blue – traveler and one Key FAB.

  1. Remove power from the installation point at the panel or fuse box to ensure wires are NOT energized
  2. Determine appropriate installation method single pole or 3-way installation ( wiring is dependent on the switch configuration.)
  3. Always starting with the control / load ( red wire ), connect the switch wires to your home’s wiring.

Pairing The FAB to 911Switch

  1. Ensure 911Switch has been properly installed and has been energized
  2. Locate the small hole on the back of the FAB
  3. Press and hold the button inside the hole with paper clip for 5 seconds until the blue light starts to blink
  4. Locate button on the bottom of 911Switch
  5. Push Activate and then deactivate button
  6. Press back button through hole again with paper clip
  7. Slide button on bottom of switch to the “RIGHT”
  8. Hold the top paddle in and slide bottom switch to “LEFT” release top paddle