What Is The 911Switch?

A remote controlled (key fab) light switch that operates just like any normal on/off light switch, but when activated by remote (key fab) will flash the connected light fixture on and off in an S.O.S. pattern.


  • 1 911Switch
  • 1 Key Fab
  • Installation Manual

Why 911 Switch? In An Emergency Every Second Counts

In an emergency every second counts! It's often said to understand someone's problem, walk a day in their shoes. Today let's imagine for a moment that you are a first responder being dispatched on a call for someone having chest pains. Thankfully we are in an age where technology like GPS can provide turn by turn navigation on demand. We've now been dispatched to an address in a neighbor hood we have never been to on a street that we are completely unfamiliar with counting the moments until we arrive in the hopes that we can make a difference. The GPS navigates us to the street, we are so close, but we still need to find the correct address. Regardless if it's night or day, if you've ever been in a similar situation you know that finding the house numbers can be a major challenge. How many times have you driven up and down the street looking for any house numbers at all let alone the one you're searching for? How much time does it take to make another lap around the block? You may even have so much trouble that you have to ask for more information to find the address you are trying to reach.

This is not a food delivery, this is a life and death emergency and we find ourselves desperate to locate the proper address on the street where the emergency is happening. Every second spent searching decreases the chances for a positive outcome significantly. When we finally identify the correct address and get to our victim it's to late. Had we just been able to identify the correct address, rather than slowly canvasing the block searching for address markers perhaps we would've arrived in time to save a life. Unfortunately this exact situation happens far to often. Regardless if it's day or night from the street identifying the address of an emergency is extremely difficult even in the best of conditions. If there was ANY visible indication of the address that had the emergency life saving minutes could be spent by avoiding the need to seek out and find the address.

Introducing the 911 Switch, a remote controlled light switch that operates like any normal on/off light switch, that when activated will flash the light fixture ( typically exterior ) on and off in an S.O.S. pattern. Imagine our emergency call, we pull onto the street that GPS navigated us to, and there in the distance we see the exterior lights flashing S.O.S. We no longer need to waste time crawling down the street desperately searching for address markers. If they had only had the 911 Switch our tragedy could've possibly been averted. Be seen, save time, save a life. use the 911Switch.

911Switch Specs:

  • No Internet / WiFi necessary 911Switch comes with everything you need right out of the box
  • Replaces any standard single pole or 3way switch and offers emergency flashing capabilities when activaed by key fab or the app
  • compatible with LED, CRL, FLR, INC/HAL, MLV
  • Once installed, the FOB ( included) can activate the switch up to 750 feet
  • Installation and testing instructions included
  • No common wire necessary for switch installation
  • Color: White
  • 300W/VA 120V/AC/c.a./CA LED, CFL
  • 600W/VA 120V/AC/c.a./CA NC/HAL, ELV, MLV
  • Model # FR2101-C-W


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