Giving Light / Giving Back to Local First Responders

First Responders deserve the respect, support and recognition for the lifesaving work they do every day. First Response Lighting Solutions, the maker of the 9-1-1 Switch (“911 Switch”), does more than just provide a beacon for First Responders, we recognize the critical role they play in each community. That’s why in conjunction with those communities, 911 Switch will support Local Emergency Professionals in a tangible and fundamental way – we want to help them financially.

Here’s what we are doing:

  • First Responders Sign Up: Each unique First Response Unit (Fire, Police, EMT, for example) can register below to receive a unique 9-digit code.

  • Each Time: During the checkout process we will provide the customer a place to enter the 9-digit code assigned to their favorite local First Responders. After they’ve entered that unique 9-digit code and completed their purchase we can tally the number of 911 Switches to credit the $20 per switch donation.

  • Over Time: Each calendar quarter, using the 9-digit codes, we will calculate the net 911 Switches purchased by the community for each unique First Response Unit and make a donation to that deserving Unit of $20.00 per each total units sold in that quarter . Each quarter. Every quarter. Every year.

We hope you join us.
We know it can help.
Thanks for your service
and dedication to safety.